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Bonus Material

Though this book is filled with stories and opportunities for reflection, the book itself is a call to action: how can we deepen our sense of community… right now? We wanted to provide tools and resources to help you to share these ideas with your family, friends, neighbours, and colleagues. 


The Story Behind the Book

Paul shares the profound events that inspired him to write this book, to pursue a deepened sense of community in his life, and to encourage others to join him in making the world a better place.



Book Club Guide

Read this book with others and then come together for some great conversations. Here are some topics and questions for discussion.



500 Voices - A Community Assessment

Deepening Community was inspired by many people. Explore the process and results of surveying 500 people about their thoughts and insights about community.



Here are some fun activities that you can use for your own personal reflection or for group reflection and learning.


Canadian Mennonite Feature Article

Paul Born discusses investing in community, whether it's worth the investment, being alone vs. lonely, and how to experience the joy of togetherness.


Why Connecting with Friends will Help you Live Longer [VIDEO]

The May 24 long weekend marks the unofficial start to summer. It's a time when we connecting with family and friends is the goal of the weekend. But did you know that there are significant health benefits to spending time with your loved ones?


Neighbours Deepening Community Video

This beautiful 4 minute rap video entitled Neighbours Deepening Community was commissioned specifically for the Re-imaging Cities ~ Re-Engaging Citizens the 2015 Neighbours: Policies & Programs Gathering in Hamilton Ontario.


Deepening Community with Chicken Soup

Paul Born reads an excerpt from his book about how the act of bringing soup to your neighbour is the single most important thing people can do to make a difference in this world.


Building "Deep Community" in Cochrane, Alberta

Learn how one community is using Deepening Community: Finding Joy in Chaotic Times to build a curriculum around engaging citizens as part of their Sustainability plan.


Deepening Community for Collective Impact Workshop Materials

View the workshop slides from Paul Born's Deepening Community for a Collective Impact Tour in Australia and New Zealand.


The Chicken Soup Friends: An Inspiring Example of Deepening Community

This group initiated an inspiring network that builds on Paul Born's idea that: deep communities -- the kind where you trust one another and share stories, spend time together regularly, commit mutual acts of caring that lead to strong bonds and greater collective resiliency --  are the kinds of communities that enable us to do the difficult work of building a better world together. This very inspiring network is called "The Chicken Soup Friends." 

We invite you to read more here.

“Paul Born doesn’t just study community; he lives it. In Deepening Community, he shares practical advice on how to reweave the social fabric that we have neglected for too long. This book exudes the joy he experiences in community, and his stories provide hope that, in this time of social, economic, and environmental crises, more of us will find ways to care deeply for one another and the place we share.”

—Jim Diers, faculty member, Asset-Based Community Development Institute, and author of Neighbor Power

“Paul Born's call to deepen community in the face of fear and superficiality is steeped in the wisdom and insights of a remarkable life dedicated to helping people out of poverty. In a time of growing income disparity and social isolation, this timely book reminds us that there is a better way and that the joy to be found in taking it is there for everyone.”

—Stephen Huddart, President and CEO, J.W. McConnell Family Foundation