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If you are eager to find more ways to deepen your understanding and practice of ABCD, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some great opportunities and resources for you to connect and dive deeper. 


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A free bi-monthly online magazine from Cities Deepening Community (CDC) for those seeking the possibilities of community. 

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Join the ABCD Community of Practice

The aim of the monthly Asset-Based Community Development Community of Practice (ABCD CoP) is to go deeper on ABCD practice and explore helpful tools and resources by bringing together practitioners and residents who are are applying or are seeking to apply an ABCD approach to their community development work.



Get in Touch

If you have any questions about ABCD or the learning community, reach out to Heather at heather@tamarackcommunity.ca

“Community is about the common life that is lived in such a way that the unique creativity of each person is a contribution to the other.”

—John McKnight

“There is nothing extraordinary about Asset Based Community Development (ABCD). It’s as ordinary as looking out for your family, your neighbours, your environment. Or extending a hand to people who are down on their luck, struggling or vulnerable. Or banding together with others to fix a common challenge.”

—Al Etmanski, ABCD Faculty, author,community activist, and social entrepreneur