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Why Celebrate Natural Caring?

We want to celebrate natural caring because we are surrounded by it but don’t recognize it.  When we realize how much natural caring there is in our lives we feel safer, more confident, connected and kind.

We want to do three things

One: Use the power of art (music, theatre, dance, books, movies, painting, poetry) to shine a light on the natural caring actions of Canadians. And to make them more visible.

Two: Connect the dots. Provide an opportunity for people to join with others. To share stories. To see how caring actions fit into the fabric of Canadian society. To realize that when we care we are not alone.

Three: Nurture an environment where natural caring thrives. Where the barriers and obstacles to doing what comes naturally are removed. Where natural caring is seen and valued.

Natural caring deserves its own space. Too many of the conversations about care ignore natural caring. They revolve around professional, economic and political interests. These are too narrow. Natural caring is so much larger than paid care. In fact paid care could not happen without natural caring. This website is the beginning of a larger conversation with caring Canadians. A different kind of conversation. One that uses the language of beauty, and love.

We believe:
  • Caring makes us human. It burnishes our humanity.
  • No caring action is too small
  • Nothing is more beautiful than giving and receiving care.
  • Caring actions are not all sweetness and light. Worry, heartache, fear, sacrifice and pain can come with the territory.
  • Caring reveals our dependence, vulnerability, tenderness and interdependence.
  • Learning to care for another is as important as learning to read and write.
  • The world is changed by ordinary everyday acts of natural caring.
  • Natural caring is the invisible but indispensable force that connects us to all forms of life.
  • Natural caring unites us. It is humankind’s greatest shared project.
  • Natural caring creates trust. It is the common ground of democracy.

About Vickie and Al

al and vickie impactability editedAside from taking care of their blended family of five children, Vickie and Al have spent most of their life working alongside natural caregivers – ordinary people doing extraordinary things. People who have a natural talent to meet adversity with ingenuity and love. They have deep respect for the power of natural caring. They have seen how it brings out the best is everyone. They want to spend the next stage of their life doing what they can to reveal the magnificent gifts of natural caring. They believe natural caring is a unifying force in society. That it transcends partisan and ideological differences. That it is what we have in common.