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Welcome to a Celebration of Natural Caring

This website is dedicated to everyone who gives and receives care. Graciously. Lovingly. Generously. Determinedly. Naturally.

Natural caring is love in action.  It is freely given. It involves a relationship with someone or something we care deeply about.   It is flexible and responsive to the situation. It is reciprocal, with meaning for both the giver and receiver.

Caring shapes the world and it shapes us in return.

 Through good times and bad times.

Whether we are raising children, supporting a friend who is sick, creating an accessible community for a loved one, caring for elderly parents, helping a co-worker through tough times or befriending a stranger down on their luck just about everyone is involved in a caring relationship.

We also do our part to take care of the air we breathe, the water we drink, the birds, bees, rocks and trees. Caring is love in action for all life.  

This love in action would fill every arena, auditorium and stadium in the country. Everyday. Everywhere. Yet it is largely invisible. And often taken for granted. Most of us dismiss the caring that we do as no big deal. We just get on with it. But it is a big deal. A really big deal.

Without our freely given caring, society could not function. Our social, political and economic life depends on it. The work of non-profits, services providers, governments and businesses could not happen without natural caring. Natural caring makes the world go round.

It deserves to be honoured, respected, celebrated. It is our conscience. Our life force. Our values.

Caring is who we are.