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If you’ve read the book and are eager to find more ways to deepen your sense of community, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some great opportunities and resources for you to deepen community in your life, workplace and neighbourhood.

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Invite Paul to Speak

An author of four books, Paul Born is a motivational speaker and workshop facilitator who loves the power of stories. He is considered among North America’s leaders on topics of Community and Collaborative Action. Paul is a skilled communicator/teacher and an exceptional dialogue facilitator, having delivered hundreds of keynotes and workshops for audiences around the world.

Using a unique development process, Paul customizes or co-develops workshops, presentations and learning events to integrate concepts and ideas specific to your group. He works in partnership with you to deeply understand the issues facing your organization or community and the goals you hope to achieve.

Learn about Paul's Keynotes & Workshops

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Join the Learning Community

This website is a learning community where you can share your stories and engage with other community seekers. On this site, you can build your profile, blog, engage in groups, and attend online events and small-group conversations. You will find an amazing library of resources and papers to fuel your curiosity and build your knowledge about community. Once you join this learning community, you will receive a free e-magazine, which connects members on a monthly basis. This learning community is open to anyone and is led by a group of ten thought leaders and a community animator.

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Host a Conversation

We want to inspire one thousand conversations about community by 2015 and have these recorded at www.deepeningcommunity.org. We plan to group themes that arise from these conversations and produce learning guides and policy statements to strengthen community and investments in community. Ultimately, we want to explore the statement “Whatever the problem, community is the answer.” To support this campaign, please host a conversation and then join the learning community at www.deepeningcommunity.ca to post what you learned together. For more information, email Devon.

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Learn more about ABCD in Canada

In 2016, Tamarack’s Deepening Community Practice Area was chosen by renown community-builder and ABCD co-founder John McKnight, to serve as the home for Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) Canada. John’s rationale for choosing Tamarack’s Deepening Community Practice Area as home for ABCD Canada, highlights the importance and uniqueness of our work. He says, “We have many programs focused on policy and institutions but too few focused on enabling citizens and associations to be producers in their neighborhoods.”  

Please email your thoughts and ideas to Devon and together, we will chart a path forward to celebrate the simplicity and power of ABCD from its beginnings well into the future.


Learn More About ABCD in Canada  


Spread the Word

We see the drive to Deepen Community as being akin to a snowball effect: It starts with one person, who shares this message with another, and another, building upon itself, to create Deep Community. We invite you to instigate this movement—form a book club, share this message with a Sunday School program or school assembly, gift the book to your employees.

We want to make it easy for you to share this message with those around you:

  • Discounted rates are available for bulk orders
  • Paul is available for a phone interview for groups of 20 or more who purchase Deepening Community

Contact Devon for more information.



“Community has the power to change everything. No amount of innovation, individual brilliance, or money can transform our broken society as effectively and sustainably as building community. Deepening Community provides useful and inspiring guidance for leaders everywhere who seek to create better outcomes in their work.”

—John Kania, Managing Director, FSG; founder of the Collective Impact Movement; and coauthor of Do More Than Give

“No one has helped me understand and value the essence of community like Paul Born. Paul has an amazing storytelling ability that excites, challenges, and demystifies and helps us all appreciate the simplicity of moving community from ideal to living reality. This book is a community builder's gem.”

—Peter Kenyon, Director, Bank of I.D.E.A.S. (Australia)