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If you are eager to find more ways to deepen your understanding and practice of ABCD, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some great opportunities and resources for you to connect and dive deeper.

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A free bi-monthly online magazine from Deepening Community for those seeking the possibilities of community. 

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This website is a learning community where you can share your stories and engage with other community seekers. On this site, you can build your profile, blog, engage in groups, and attend online events and small-group conversations. You will find an amazing library of resources and papers to fuel your curiosity and build your knowledge about community. Once you join this learning community, you will receive a free e-magazine, which connects members on a monthly basis. This learning community is open to anyone and is led by a group of ten thought leaders and a Community Animator.

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ABCD in Action, is a place where we can learn from each other about how to apply the principles and practices of Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD).

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As part of our commitment to hosting ABCD Canada, Tamarack will be making the seminal articles and resources of ABCD fully available via this website. 

Beyond this, we are keen to welcome and profile stories of ABCD in action from across Canada. We are keen to hear from our own members – practitioners of community building in neighbourhoods and communities across the country – so that their hopes and aspirations for this important body of work can be heard and considered.  

Please, email your thoughts and ideas to devon@tamarackcommunity.ca and together, we will chart a path forward to celebrate the simplicity and power of ABCD from its beginnings well into the future.





“Community is about the common life that is lived in such a way that the unique creativity of each person is a contribution to the other.”

—John McKnight

“There is nothing extraordinary about Asset Based Community Development (ABCD). It’s as ordinary as looking out for your family, your neighbours, your environment. Or extending a hand to people who are down on their luck, struggling or vulnerable. Or banding together with others to fix a common challenge.”

—Al Etmanski, ABCD Faculty, author,community activist, and social entrepreneur